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Jayaprada hot photos

Jayaprada Biography
Jaya Prada (born April 3, 1962) is an Indian actress and politician.
Is born Lalita Rani Pradha at the middle class in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India. Her father was a Telugu film financier Krishna. Her mother enrolled her in dance Neelavani music lessons at an early age.
When she was fourteen, she appeared in dance during the annual function of her school. The director was in the audience, and he offered a number of her three-minute dance film Bhoomikosam Telugu. She was hesitant, but her family encouraged her to accept it. She paid only 10 rupees for her work in the film, but are also much more likely that, like nests of those three minutes of the film was screened on the main characters of the Telugu film industry, and dams were opened. Major filmmakers offered her starring roles in quality films, and she agreed. She was a big star in 1976, with three hit singles: K. Balachander is Anthuleni Katha showcased her dramatic skills: K. Viswanath of Siri Siri Muvva showed her playing a sound with excellent dancing skills in her role as a big budget Sita, the mythological film Seetha Kalyanam confirmed her versatility. In 1977 she played Adavi Ramudu, which broke box office records which stated cemented her star status. The song "Aaresukoboyi Paresukunnanu" picturized saw her NT Rama mass co-star was a hit. She branched star in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, movies, and lost all their films.
Bollywood career
K. Siri Siri Muvva re Viswanath (1976) Hindi film Sargam and introduced Jayapradha to Bollywood in 1979. The film was a huge hit and became an overnight star there as well. She received her first Filmfare nomination as Best Actress, but failed to exploit its success, because she could not speak Hindi. It took three years before director K. Vishwanath Hindi movies again with the hit movie Kaamchor (1982), in which she spoke Hindi fluently for the first time. Now she can work on a regular basis and two Hindi films to make the best actress award for Filmfare a nice game in Prakash Mehra's Sharaabi Amitabh Bachchan (1984) and its dual role challenging and K. Vishwanath 'Sanjog (1985 film) s.
Bollywood with her film career, she remained in South acclaimed film, star as K. Vishwanath 's Sagara Sangamam Telugu hit movie with Kamal Haasan (1983). She earned fans, not just with the masses, but also with the great Indian director Satyajit Ray, who said which is one of the most beautiful women in the world .. True, she worked Bengali films, she never worked Ray. (She claimed the movie was going to Ray's, but then the illness and death prevented their cooperation.)
Jaya made a successful team, not only with Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetendra, but also her screen rival Sridevi, with whom she acted in dozens of films. Devata their hit Telugu movie (film) (1982) in which they sisters who made sacrifices for each other huge, but restored in hit Hindi movie Tohfaa (1984). These precious Jayapradha Film traditional conservative section of filmgoers. It was an image that would be good if it's a new career as a politician.
In 2002 she entered the Marathi film industry by hosting a movie Aadhaar.Thus played in seven languages, and has completed 300 films during a film career of 30 years. She began playing mature roles in 2004.
She also owns the Jaya Prada theater Chennai.
Personal life
In 1986 she married producer Srikanth Nahata, who was married to her 3 children with Chandra. Needless to say, this marriage caused great controversy, especially since Nahata not divorce his wife and his current wife and children were the first after marrying Jayaprada. Jayaprada and Srikanth no children together, but they expressed the desire for children. Even Jaya Prada and her husband first woman readily agreed to share her husband.
Political career
Jayaprada initiated into the Telugu Desam Party and former partner NTRama saw her star in 1994. She did end it went to Chandrababu Naidu faction of the party. She was a Rajya Sabha candidate representing Andhra Pradesh in 1996.
Following disagreements with party Supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu, she left the Wadi TDP Samaj Party to join the fight from the selection Rampur in UP parliament last general election in 2004 selected. During her campaign Luc Sabha elections, she was notified by the Election Committee for violating rules of conduct by distributing bindis Swar women's place in Rampur. On May 11, 2009, said Jaya Prada, the senior Wadi Samaj Party leader Azam Khan nude pictures of her release. She was re-elected by a majority of more than 30,000 votes.
Filmfare Awards & Nominations
• Lifetime Achievement Award (South) (2007)
• Best Actress - Sargam (1979)
• Best Actress - Sharaabi (1984)
• Best Actress - Sanjog (1985 film) (1985)
Other Awards
• Nandi Best Actress Award for Anthuleni Katha
• Kala Saraswati Award
• Kinnera Savitri Award
• Rajiv Gandhi Award
• Nargis Dutt Gold Medal
• Shakuntala Kala Rathnam Award
• Uttam Kumar Award
• Kalakar Award for Best Author (2005)
• ANR Achievement Award (2008)

Jayaprada hot photos
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